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What should we pay attention to in portable heat pipe thermostat

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The data to be measured in many chemical experiments, such as viscosity, vapor pressure, conductivity and reaction rate constant, are closely related to temperature. This requires that the experiment be carried out at constant temperature. The commonly used portable liquid thermostat consists of glass thermostat and super water bath. Its basic structure is the same. It is mainly controlled by tank body, heater, agitator, thermometer, temperature sensor and temperature. Composition of the device. The principle of portable liquid thermostat is that the temperature is converted into electrical signal by the temperature sensor and transmitted to the temperature controller. Then the controller sends out instructions to make the heater work or stop working.

Portable heat pipe thermostat is used in provincial and municipal metrology institutes, institutes, scientific research institutes, colleges and universities, colleges and universities, petrochemical, electric power, metallurgy, aviation, aerospace, military and other industrial enterprises to verify thermal resistance, thermocouples, thermometers. It can also be used as a heat source for experimental research and physical and chemical analysis of scientific research departments.

Portable heat pipe thermostat is designed for the lower end of the machine, which is designed for the demand of the quantity of the products. It has a triple optional purified water set up to satisfy the operation of all industries. Portable heat pipe thermostat has a variety of alarm and output centers, which can be used for water supply alarm protection, water level alarm protection and over-temperature alarm protection. Portable heat pipe thermostat can be used for water supply alarm protection, water level alarm protection and over-temperature alarm protection. All vertical seats of water heaters can be customized according to the specifications.

Portable heat pipe thermostat characteristics:

1. Intelligent PID can accurately control temperature, and the fineness of temperature control can reach (+0.1 C).

2. Low fineness water heater has good heat dissipation and low noise.

3. Open bathtub with large capacity at night is convenient for turbid washing, so it is convenient to curb the test of constant temperature water bath.

4. Various alarm protection, including water level alarm, water flow alarm and over-temperature alarm;

5. Multiple optional purified water volume erection:

One choice: there is no net explosion water of stainless steel;

Double choices: built-in filter disassembly, guaranteed water volume;

Three choices: ion purification and supply of satisfactory water conductivity;

Performance characteristics of portable heat pipe thermostat

1. Adopt zui's new advanced digital temperature control technology to ensure the stability of temperature and uniformity of temperature field at the set point.

2. Portable heat pipe constant temperature groove is made of stainless steel, and the shell is made of high-quality mirror stainless steel or plastic-sprayed. It is beautiful in appearance and durable.

3. Portable heat pipe thermostat uses advanced thermodynamic flow principle and scientific flow field design to make the fluid heat transfer more fully and mix more evenly, thus ensuring the uniformity of temperature field in thermostat.

4. Using heating rod to heat, the heat transfer area is large and the heat transfer is uniform. It overcomes the shortcomings of local overheating caused by heating wire, which makes the working medium coke, and improves the working life and insulation of the heater.

5. By using Zui's new advanced temperature programmable controller, 10 sets of control parameters such as temperature points, P, I, D, overshoot factor can be preset and stored, so that the temperature can rise quickly in the whole temperature range and the time to reach stability is short. It is more convenient to operate and highly automated.

6. Design the function of setting value over-limit protection and over-temperature circuit protection to make the equipment run safely and reliably.

Portable liquid thermostat is a high-precision thermostat with refrigeration and heating. It can be used as a thermostat for thermostat experiment in the machine flume or connected with other equipment through a hose. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, electronic instruments, physics, chemistry, bioengineering, medical and health, life science, light industrial food, physical property testing and chemical analysis research departments, colleges and universities, enterprise quality inspection and production departments, to provide a cold controlled, uniform and constant temperature field source for users to work, constant temperature test or measurement of test samples or products. The portable liquid thermostat can also be used as a heat or cold source for direct heating or refrigeration and auxiliary heating or refrigeration.

Portable liquid thermostat condenser dirt: is the place where the portable liquid thermostat can suck air after operation, there are many heat dissipation aluminum foil, see if it is dirty, if dirty, clean it up and blow it with nitrogen; is it too close to the wall, if it moves a little farther, because there is not enough ventilation space, the air can not flow normally, the temperature can not spread out Can't cool down, the medium is not low concentration: medium after a period of time, the condensate water in the air will go to the medium, at low temperature thickening, the cooling capacity can not pass, the temperature will not fall down, if the medium is very thick at low temperature, can't flow normally, or ice needs to change the medium.

In order to keep the temperature of the portable liquid thermostat constant and to reach the desired temperature, the screw on the thermostat regulating cap should be tightened. The temperature of the thermostat should be guided by the mercury thermometer, and the position of the viscometer in the thermostat must be vertical. Attention should be paid to the absence of bubbles in capillaries when sucking liquid with ear-sucking balls. Do not suck the tested liquid into ear-sucking balls to avoid contamination of liquids. Be careful when washing or installing viscosities, so as not to twist branches.

Constant Temperature Regulation of Portable Liquid Constant Temperature Tank

1. Put distilled water into the glass jar to make the distilled water level 2-3 centimeters higher than the constant temperature part.

2. Rotating the adjusting cap of the upper end of the mercury thermometer to make the corresponding temperature indication value of the upper end of the indicator iron 1-2 C lower than the desired temperature.

3. Turn on the power supply and start heating and stirring.

4. Watch the mercury thermometer. When the heater stops heating, if the water bath has not reached the experimental temperature, it is necessary to adjust the thermometer again slightly so that the bath slowly warms up to the pre-temperature.

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