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Characteristic of Temperature and Humidity Verification Box

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The temperature and humidity test box has very high stability and fluctuation index. It is a special test equipment for hair temperature and humidity meter, dry and wet bulb thermometer, digital temperature and humidity meter and other kinds of temperature and humidity sensors. It is suitable for all levels of metrology departments, meteorological departments, electronic, electric power, military and other production departments, colleges and universities, scientific research institutes.

Main Characteristics of Temperature and Humidity Verification Box

1. Beautiful appearance. The 304 stainless steel plate, plastic-sprayed steel plate and multi-layer hollow glass are assembled. The three-sided transparent observation window meets the requirement of multi-sided suspension for easy observation.

2. It has two operation holes for internal equipment operation.

3. Real-color large-size touch screen, with the verification point fast button required by the regulations, easy to operate.

4. Built-in multiple groups of temperature and humidity PID control parameters, the temperature and humidity control at each point is fast and stable.

5. The main control components are imported, and the equipment is stable and reliable.

6. Optimized internal structure design, even without dead angle.

7. The working chamber is equipped with a cold light source, which is convenient for inspection and standard reading and operation.

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