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Attention should also be paid to the installation of pressure gauge calibrator

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Selection of pressure gauge calibrator needs to consider both performance and price. Performance mainly considers working medium, pressure range, automatic or manual, and then select a suitable pressure gauge calibrator according to their own budget.

Attention should be paid to the installation and use of pressure gauge calibrator:

1. Pressure gauge calibrator should be placed on a worktable which is easy to operate and must be kept level.

2. Rubber cushion should be laid on the workbench. It can not be placed or used in vibration environment.

3. Before using the calibrator of oil medium, the pipeline of the calibrator should be cleaned with gasoline first, and then the pressure transmitting medium should be filled with the oil cup.

4. Check whether the oil pipeline is unblocked; only when there is no problem can the standard instrument and the calibrated pressure gauge be installed.

Attention should be paid to maintenance and repair:

1. Clean the pressure gauge calibrator regularly and restore it after cleaning.

2. Oil must not be mixed with impurities or dirt, and new oil should be replaced after a certain period of use.

3. Cloth must be covered when not in use to prevent dust from immersing in the instrument.

4. When repairing and replacing the rubber pad, the cylinder bore surface shall not be scratched; when cleaning the valves, the needle shall not be damaged.

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