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DTPro wireless temperature/humidity/pressure verification system

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 Product description:

DTPro wireless temperature/humidity/pressure verification system can be widely applied to the equipment verification and environmental monitoring in pharmacy, food, biology, chemical industry and other industries. In comparison to traditional wired verification system, it can lay out probes conveniently and efficiently, and the position of detection points is not constrained physically, which greatly improves the verification efficiency.

 Product introduction

The system is composed of wireless recorder (temperature, temperature and humidity, and pressure), data reading workstation, and wireless verification software.

The temperature recorder can effectively store 16,000 items of data with temperature measurement precision at 0.1°C, which fully meets the equipment and process verification requirements from food and drug manufacturers as well as the verification requirements in field of bio-engineering, medical treatment and transportation. The recorder adopts changeable battery which has large power volume, low power consumption and long time of endurance. It is in the high pressure resistant and waterproof design, which can be used continuously for a long time in the environment with high pressure and high humidity.

The data reading workstation is divided into single-port workstation and six-port workstation, and uses universal USB serial port to connect with computer, which can realize convenient, high-efficiency and safe data communication.

The software realizes the data acquisition, data analysis and report generation, meets the FDA 21 CFR Part 11, and supports electronic signature on documents. It supports phase customization, and can verify each phase and generate phase verification report.

 Product Features

Data Recorder

High measurement precision, with temperature precision at ±0.1°C, humidity precision at 2%RH, and pressure precision at grade 0.25

Wide temperature measurement range at -80°C ~140°C, and it can be used in the range of -80°C ~150°C in a short time

With IP68 water proof, it can be used continuously in water bath and high-pressure steam sterilizing pot

It has passed the strict shock test.

Low power consumption design with a battery serving life at 2-3 years

Self-changeable battery

Large data storage capacity, which can effectively store 16,000 items of data.

Multiple optional probes, including hard probe / flexible wire probe / sheathed wire probe

Data Reading Workstation Data Reading Workstation

The data reading workstation uses USB (virtual serial port) to connect with computer, which has convenient, efficient and safe data communication.

The workstation is powered by USB without additional power supply source.

RS485 design, with fast and efficient data communication, and safe and stable reading and writing process.

Unique LED indicator light, which can clearly display the running status of the workstation.

Application Scenarios:

The system can be applied to GMP pharmaceutical industry, GSP industry, biology industry, medical industry, food industry, and transportation industry.

GMPVerification of steam sterilizer cabinet;       verification of water-immersing sterilizer cabinet
Verification of rubber plug washing machine;     verification of aluminum cap washing machine
Verification of lyophilizer; verification of     cryofreezer
Verification of constant temperature humidity    chamber; verification of stability incubator
GSPVerification of refrigeration house; verification    of refrigerator car
Verification of refrigerated container / incubator
Verification of cool storage house / normal        temperature warehouse
BiologyVerification of stirred tank fermenter
Verification of cultivating pot
Process development data
FoodVerification of pasteurization
Verification of sterilizing tunnel
Verification of rotating refrigerating machine
Verification of air blasting refrigerating machine
Verification of refrigerating chamber
TransportationCold chain process tracking
Detection of carriage temperature
Medical    TreatmentDetection of high temperature sterilization;    detection of steam sterilization; detection of medical supplies

Procedures Executed by the System

No.Procedure    CodeName of    Procedure
1GBT    30690-2014Monitoring Method and Evaluation Requirements for    Sterilizing Effect of Small-scale Pressure Steam Sterilizer
2PDA    TR1-2007Verification of Moist Heat Sterilization

 Technical Indexes:

 Temperature Verification InstrumentHumiture Verification    InstrumentPressure Verification Instrument
ModelTDLATDLB(Hard Probe)TDLC(Flexible Probe)MDLAPDLA
Measuring Range-85~85℃-80~140℃-80~140℃-40~125℃ 0~100%RH-40~125℃ 0~100psi;0~6.894Bar
  0~100psi (absolutepressure); 
Resolution Ratio0.01℃0.01℃0.01℃0.01℃  0.01%RH0.008psi; 0.55mBar
Accuracy±0.1℃±0.1℃±0.1℃±0.2℃  ±2%RH±0.25% full scale


Class 1/3 DIN

Class 1/3 DIN
Class 1/3 DIN


Humidity: capacitive

Strain type
Capacity (Recording Points)16,00016,00016,00080008000
Recording Frequency1 sec ~ 18 hr1 sec ~ 18 hr1 sec ~ 18 hr1 sec ~ 18 hr1 sec ~ 18 hr
Battery Life12 months     12 months12 months12 months12 months
Communication ModeRS 485
touch spot
RS 485
touch spot
RS 485
touch spot
RS 485 touch spotRS 485 touch spot
Housing Structure

Food grade

316L all stainless    steel

Food grade 316L all stainless    steelFood grade 316L all stainless    steelFood grade 316L all stainless    steelFood grade 316L all stainless    steel
Waterproof GradeIPX-8IPX-8IPX-8IPX-8IPX-8
Pressure Proof-1~5Bar-1~5Bar-1~5Bar-1~5Bar-1~5Bar

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