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DTSW "Stick" Digital Thermometer Readout

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The best alternative to mercury thermometers

DTSW rod type standard (precision) digital thermometer, is the latest in the field of industrial temperature calibration, precision measurement, its accuracy and repeatability can be achieved better than 0.05 ℃ / year, lithium batteries don't need to replace the battery life long, easy to carry and intuitive readings, strong and durable. It can not only be used as a temperature standard in the laboratory, but also can provide reliable, accurate and high-precision temperature measurement in the industrial field.

The characteristics of product:

Accurate and reliable: excellent accuracy indexes, annual change is better than that of 0.05 ℃, the electric temperature less than 1 PPM / ℃

Wireless communication: real-time data can be transmitted to the computer screen through wireless communication

Curve display: computer software can display 32 thermometer real-time curves simultaneously

Data recording: it can store the temperature measurement results of 16,000 bands

Intelligent indication: trend indicator shows the trend of temperature change

Zero mark: any zero mark, volatility, deviation value intuitive display

Intelligent processing: the maximum, minimum and average values are directly calculated and displayed

Unit conversion: K, ℃, ℉ can be arbitrary switching

Display of resistance value: the resistance value of the sensor is displayed synchronously with the temperature value

Regular shutdown: you can set the shutdown time from 1 minute to 48 hours

Ultra low power consumption: no battery replacement for life

Sampling adjustable: sampling cycle from 1S to 2H can be customized to facilitate timed sampling

Clean and corrosion resistant: the probe of food grade 316 stainless steel is corrosion resistant and easy to clean

Easy to charge: the charging port is compatible with the mobile phone, and any standard USB port can be easily charged

Wireless data transmission:

The Stick standardDigital Thermometer have wireless data transmission function, which can transmit the collected real-time data and historical data to the computer software remotely through 2.4G wireless communication, and analyze, process, save and export the data through the computer software. Intuitive and convenient use, the Stick Digital Thermometer won the favor of customers.


Wireless transmission application scenarios

Wireless remote real-time reading temperature: remotely from the device under test, remotely read temperature values

Thermometer historical measurements can be read without connecting wires

Wireless data export: can read thermometer historical measurement data without connecting lines

Software functions:

The digital thermometer management software can display the value collected by the digital thermometer to the computer in real time through wireless transmission. It can also read the internal history data of the thermometer to the computer, or read and display the historical data saved by the computer. The temperature curve of each thermometer is displayed in real time on the right side. The top can read the current mainstream desktop digital meter values for displaying standard temperature values.


Software characteristics

Multi-channel display: as many as 32 thermometers are collected in real time, and the maximum quantity can be expanded according to the user's demand

Intelligent curve: The thermometer curve is displayed in real time on the right side, and the channel, color and thickness can be freely configured.

Digital table support: support mainstream 5 1/2, 6 1/2, 7 1/2, 8 1/2 desktop digital table

Standard support: support standard platinum resistance data calculation, just enter the value of the certificate can be used

One-click readout: the historical temperature data saved by the thermometer can be read into the softwareReport export: the data collected from the thermometer can be exported to the EXCEL table for analysis

Data import: it can import the historical data saved in the computer into the software to display the curveTarget value marking: the target value can be set in the curve to view the heating and cooling time and curve of the constant temperature source

Thermometer calibration: support up to 64 point difference calibration of the thermometer Battery display: The remaining battery value of each thermometer is displayed in real time, and the power of each thermometer is clear at a glance.

Technical indexes


Rod standard    (precision) digital thermometer

Stick type digital thermometer for work    (industrial grade)






Temperature range










Calibration cycle



Main engine temperature coefficient





Length of sensor

300mm、500mm(19.68 in)


Sensor diameter



Sensor material

316 stainless steel (medical, food grade)

Sensor specification

Thin film platinum resistance

Wire wound platinum resistance

Sensor temperature coefficient

 0.00385 Ω/Ω/℃
 Rated value:0.00385 Ω/Ω/℃

Display resolution

0.001℃   (the user can be    configured to 0.1 ℃, 0.01 ℃)


Sampling frequency

0.5S、1S、2S       0.5s, 1S and 2S can be configured

Thermal response time constant




Data storage

16,000    sets of data (with time stamp)




USB and wireless communication

Wireless communication distance

No occlusion up to 160m


The battery type


High temperature lithium battery

Lithium battery life

No less than 2000 cycles of charge and discharge

Lithium battery charging time

2 hours


Charging voltage



Preheating time

Preheat    for 1 minute before use

Working temperature of communication module


−20℃ ~ 60℃(14℉~122℉)

Host working environment

−10℃ ~50℃(14℉~22℉)

Main engine protection class



Sensor protection levelSensor protection class



   Host size (mm)



     Total weight



 Storage condition

−20℃~60℃(−4℉~140℉)   5%RH-80%RH
   (Without condensation)

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