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DTZ-02 automatic verification system for Thermocouple(Group Furnace) and Thermistor

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Product Overview:

DTZ-02 automatic verification system for Thermocouple(Group Furnace) and Thermistor is used for automatic verification/calibration of various standard thermocouples, working thermocouples, industrial thermal resistance, It can control 1-10 sets of test furnaces at the same time, and test 1-10 thermocouples,  meet the requirements of testing large batches of thermocouples in a short time. The system adopts many technological innovations of the us, and its software and hardware are independently developed by the us, we have completely independent intellectual property rights.

System technical indexes

n   Parasitic potential of multi-channel scanning switch: ≤ 0.2μV

nData collection difference among channels: ≤ 0.5μV    1mΩ

nMeasuring repeatability: ≤ 1.0μV    3mΩ

nThermostatic performance of thermocouple verification furnace: Constant temperature ≤ 0.5℃/6min       Measurement ≤ 0.1℃/min

nthermostatic oil bath and thermostatic water bath thermostatic performance: Constant temperature ≤ 0.02℃/10min    Measurement ≤ 0.01℃/min

nCompensation range of thermocouple reference end: 0℃ ~ 50℃   Resolution: 0.01℃

System characteristics

n  Mechatronics structure, special low-potential switch, the switch is driven by stepper motor, with high reliability and service life of more than 10 years.

n  Excellent switching performance and stable parasitic potential. After the multi-chip switch is combined by the circuit, the total parasitic potential can be guaranteed to not exceed 0.2μV for a long time.

n The thermostatic temperature control parameters are fully open to customers. It can set up thermostatic control of as many as 10 thermocouple verification furnaces of different models. The regional thermostatic control parameters enable thermostatic equipment to be in the best matching status at any temperature point within the working temperature range.

n  It supports upper computer remote self-tuning of PID parameters, which enables customers to finish the self-tuning of thermostatic parameters easily. It can also support customers to modify and update instrument PID parameters in upper computer, so as to ensure the best thermostatic control effect of the system.

n  It can control temperature automatically and collect testing data automatically on every thermocouple verification furnace. process data, print verification record and certificate data and save history record according to the calculation method stipulated by verification regulations. It can finish the continuous verification of every temperature point of every verification furnace without the need of manual intervention.



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