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DTZ-03 Automatic Simultaneous Verification System for Thermocouple and Thermistor

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System Overview

Software copyright registration number: 2018SR257584

DTZ-03 Automatic Simultaneous Verification System for Thermocouple and Thermistor is mainly used for automatic verification/calibration of various working thermocouples and industrial thermal resistors. The system optimizes the communication mechanism of the underlying equipment through hardware design adjustment and software architecture upgrade. Working thermocouple and industrial RTD verification can be performed simultaneously. The thermocouple verification and the thermal resistance verification in the verification software operate independently and do not interfere with each other. Each verification can perform automatic temperature control, monitoring, acquisition and generate verification results. The system has friendly interface, comprehensive function, and simple interaction. Through time-division multiplexing of digital multimeter and Multichannel Low-potential scanner, the system reduces the cost of hardware equipment effectively, improves the efficiency of thermocouple and thermal resistance verification, has significant economic and social benefits.

Technical Indicators:

Multichannel scanning of parasitic    potential in switch<0.2μV
Repeatability measurement≤1.0μV  3mΩ
Difference value of inter-channel data acquisition≤0.5μV  1mΩ
Number of verifiedThermocouple: 1-10; Thermal resistance: 1-10
Thermostatic performance of thermocouple verificationConstant temperature≤0.5℃/6min   Measure≤0.1℃/min
Thermostatic performance of thermostatic oil and water bathConstant temperature≤0.02℃/10min  Measure≤0.01℃/min

Technical performance

n  Automatically verify the working thermocouple and industrial thermal resistance simultaneously, and can test 1-10 thermocouples/thermal resistors at the same time.

n  Auxiliary Verification of glass liquid thermometer, bimetal thermometer, pressure thermometer, etc., automatically perform data processing and generate record report.

n  Automatic verification of working thermocouples of type S, R, B, K, N, J, E, T, short S, short R and industrial thermal resistance Pt10, Pt100, Cu50, Cu100, Pt-X, Cu-X.

n  The system junction board and three-wire resistance convertor are in integrated design, which is compatible with the wiring connection of thermocouple, thermistor in two-wire system, thermistor in three-wire system, and thermistor in four-wire system. It can automatically complete the measurement function switch between 2 internal leads contained and 1 internal lead contained during the verification of thermistor in three-wire system.

n  The temperature point can be set by the default value of the regulation or by user input.

n  The reference junction compensation can be compensated by the freezing point thermostat or by the temperature sensor. The temperature sensor is Class A Pt100 platinum resistance, which has stable reading and high measurement accuracy.

n  Automatically generate verification data record report, verification certificate or verification result notice. The verification record report can be exported and displayed in Excel for user's convenience. Report and certificate format can be designed according to user requirements.

n  The data record is stored in the hard disk, which can be queryed or printed conveniently.

n  The system support simulation verification, the entire verification process is completed by software simulation, which can be used for software learning or demonstration.

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