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DTZ-300 Series Temperature and Humidity Field Automatic Testing System

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 Product Overview

Software Copyright Registration Number:2016SR171562

DTZ-300 Series Temperature and Humidity Field Automatic Testing System is a set of temperature and humidity field testing system independently researched and developed by our engineers who have been engaged in the thermotechnical measurement and testing for long time. It is mainly used for the detection and calibration of constant temperature humidity chamber (room), high-low temperature test chamber, aging test chamber, drying chamber, cement container (room), salt spray corrosion test chamber, thermostatic water / oil bath, refrigerator, refrigerated storage, chamber-type electric furnace, high temperature charcoal stove and other temperature and humidity testing equipment. Meanwhile, in electron industry, it can be applied to the temperature rising test of electric circuit board and temperature and humidity parameter monitoring for environment test equipment, which reduces the workload of temperature field detection, reduces the labor intensity, standardizes the operation, reduces the measurement error, and is convenient for the management of enterprise's equipment file database. It is the ideal choice for realizing the calibration of temperature and humidity parameters for measurement, quality control, medicine, electron and other industries. It almost can be used for the detection and calibration of all measuring appliances or instruments and equipments related to the two parameters - temperature and humidity.

Product Features:

The data acquisition unit adopts LCD touch screen in 8.0 inches, which does not need to have supporting PC in the working field. The multichannel data acquisition unit can independently complete the data acquisition and storage (data is real-timely stored in USB flash disk). The system also can communicate with laptop in real time through RS232 or USB, so as to meet the requirements of real-time measurement and real-time assessment on site.

The system can be used with multiple temperature measuring components:   Thermocouple: S, R, B, K, N, J, E, and T;Thermistor: Pt100。

The system can be connected with 20-channel four-wire platinum resistance or 40-channel thermocouple; 12-channel humidity sensor. (It can simultaneously realize the calibration of two cabinets)

External cold junction compensation processing. The DTZ-300 series temperature and humidity field automatic test system uses the external four-wire PT100 with accuracy better than 0.2 °C as the cold junction compensation of the thermocouple measurement channel.

Simple and fast sensor connection method. The DTZ-300 series temperature and humidity field automatic test system and sensor are connected by push-pull air socket, and the contact resistance is less than 0.005Ω, which is simple, fast and ensures the reliability and performance index of the system connection.

Optional sensor with special specifications. The company can provide a variety of special temperature sensors to meet the needs of different occasions.

The software is in Chinese interface, which is simple and elegant and is easy to use. It can display the real-time temperature and humidity curve of each channel (thermocouple and thermistor), and record the real-timely measured data. It can export data to Excel at any time as required, and can query and print at any time.

The system meets the technical indexes and requirements of national calibration specifications JJF1101-2003. It can automatically compute the deviation of temperature and humidity, the uniformity and fluctuation, and generate raw data meeting the requirements accepted by national laboratory. The software provides the template and interface for modifying the raw data and calibration certificate, for easier modification. It automatically performs the reference end compensation and corrects the verification data of sensor.

The system can be optionally configured with GPRS remote transmission module or ZigBee wireless communication technology, to realize the remote data transmission.

An easy-to-operate human-computer interface. In addition to the power switch, there is no mechanical button in the system. The user can set the type of temperature sensor, the number of temperature sensor channels, the number of humidity sensors, the date, time, acquisition interval and other general setting parameters through the touch screen.

Technical indicators:


Temperature and Humidity Field Automatic Testing System

Imported temperature and humidity data collector
Thermocouple channel4040或40x2
Thermistor channel2020或20x2
Humidity channel12/13
Thermistor Resolution Ratio0.001℃0.001℃
Thermocouple Resolution Ratio0.001℃0.001℃
Measurement precision±0.05%0.01%
Optional Configurationlithium battery,wireless moduleIndependent research and development software system

 Executed Procedures and Specifications: 

      No.Standard CodeStandard Name
1JJF1101-2003Specifications for Calibration of Temperature and Humidity on Environmental Test Device
2GB/T9452-2012Method for Determining Effective Heating Zone of Heat Treatment FurnaceMethod for Determination of Effective Heating Zone of Thermal Treatment Furnace
3QJ1428-88Control and Measurement of Temperature of Thermal Treatment Furnace
4GJB509B-2008Quality Control Requirements on Thermal Treatment Process
5HB5425-2012Method for Determination of Effective Heating Zone of Thermal Treatment Furnace for Aviation Parts
6GB/T5170-2008Method for Inspection of Environmental Test Equipment for Electric and Electronic Products
7HB6783-93Method for Verification of Climate Environment Test Chamber (Room) for Military Airborne Equipment
8GB/T5520-91Test of Electrically Heated Drying Oven

DTZ-03 Automatic Simultaneous Verification System for Thermocouple and Thermistor >><< DTSL-1 The standard version temperature and Humidity Verification Chamber

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