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DTSL-1 The standard version temperature and Humidity Verification Chamber

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The summary of the product:

Type DTSL Temperature and Humidity Verification Chamber is used to examine some dedicated devices like hair temperature and humidity indicator(meter), dry and wet blub temperature and humidity meter, digital temperature and humidity meter, temperature and humidity transmitter and so on. The device is accurately measured by the temperature and humidity sensor and controlled by the industrial programmable controller, which can realize the automatic adjustment of the humidity in the temperature and humidity check box. With high control and test accuracy, it provides continuous, reproducible humidity measurement for scientific research and product testing. All technical indexes and functions of the device accord with the requirements from “JJG205-2005 Examination Regulation of Mechanical Temperature and Humidity Meter” and “JJF1564-20 16 Correction Regulation of Temperature and Humidity Standard Box”.

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 Product advantage:

Excellent technology

Humidity control adopts the principle of shunting humidity generation, which greatly shortens the time required for stabilization compared to the dual temperature method.

The temperature control adopts the liquid bath constant temperature and other plate heating technology, the liquid medium heat radiation, the temperature is more constant, and the temperature field is more uniform.

The unique air circulation design inside the measuring chamber ensures the air flow without dead angle; the frequency conversion technology is adopted to adjust the speed of the fan to ensure that the internal temperature field is even at low speed;

Product intelligence

Integrate metering technology with IoT technology, wifi remote control, making metering easier

High-definition touch screen control, multi-touch, greatly enhance the user experience,

One-button start, fully automatic control, shorten the training period for metering personnel

Time switch machine, remote switch machine, save time and improve verification efficiency

Excellent quality

The outer shell is made of thick plate phosphating, passivation, spray coating, anti-corrosion, anti-rust and salt spray resistance;

The liner adopts SUS304

High-precision sensor, imported high-precision platinum resistance, Rotronic humidity sensor for temperature and humidity control

Upgradeable to automatic verification system

With the intelligent image acquisition robot, dew point meter and industrial computer, it can be upgraded to the intelligent thermometer and hygrometer automatic verification system, realizing no automatic intervention in the verification process, automatic recording and automatic report generation. Free the metering personnel from the reading and recording of the temperature and humidity meter, greatly improving the verification efficiency and reducing the labor cost.

Product features

Hd touch

The adoption of high resolution capacitive screen, display more clear, multi-touch support, in line with the customer's mobile phone touch operation habits

Wifi control

The mobile phone /pad can remotely set the temperature, start and stop the device, read the current temperature and humidity value, volatility and other equipment status

Status indicators

Real-time calculation and display of temperature and humidity fluctuation, prompt for stable state, U disk insertion detection and wifi connection

Curve shows

Real-time display of temperature and humidity curve, support touch, zoom and translation operation, one-click screenshot to save the curve to the U disk

Data record

Temperature and humidity data is automatically saved to xls format, one key to U disk

Timing boot

The system has the function of timing startup, which can realize the timing startup of equipment before work and start work immediately after work without waiting.

Multi-point calibration

It supports multi-point calibration of temperature and humidity sensor, and can modify the display value of temperature sensor and humidity sensor in stages,Ensure consistency with the dew point meter

Subsection control

Temperature and humidity are controlled by segmented PID control, fast and stable, "zero" overshoot, fast and stable humidity from 40% RH to 60% RH only 15 minutes

The fan speed control

The main circulating fan in the inner chamber is controlled by frequency conversion and speed regulation. The fan speed can be set through the touch screen.

Multiple protection alarm

Thermostatic tank overheating protection, liquid level alarm;

Refill tank water shortage reminder

Compressor overheating alarm, start stop protection function

Communication extension

Equipped with network interface, wifi interface, USB interface and rs-232 interface, it can communicate with PC to realize data reading and system setting.

Technical indexes:

The standard version temperature and Humidity Verification Chamber

Model No.Of product





Temperature range








Humidity range






Temperature fluctuation


Temperature uniformity


Humidity fluctuation


Humidity uniformity


Control sensor

Precision platinum resistance temperature sensor,Potronic temperature and humidity sensor

Inner dimension of work room


Appearance dimension(height/width/thickness)







7"hd touch screen

Temperature control method

Liquid bath isothermal plate heating technology

Humidity control mode

Shunt method humidity occurs

Observation window/operation hole

Three viewing Windows and two operating holes

Box structure


Pickling coating


SUS304 drawing


Medical grade silicone


3C certified 5 layers vacuum high transparent tempered glass

Alarm prompt

Real-time display of fluctuation,indication of stable state,indication of water shortage,indication of low liquid level,medium overheating protection,compressor overheating protection

Power and power

AC220V±5%50Hz Peak Power 5KW Typical Power 3KW

Temperature and Humidity Verification Chamber Standard selection table:

Name of product


Model No.

Temperature range

Humidity range

Standard electric ventilation psychrometer





Accurate dew-point instrument







Dewstar R-1




DTZ-300 Series Temperature and Humidity Field Automatic Testing System >><< DTL Series Thermocouple verification furnace

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