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DTL Series Thermocouple verification furnace

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Product Description:

DTL-Series Thermocouple verification furnace is thermal field verification equipment for testing various types of standard thermocouples, working precious metal thermocouples, and inexpensive metal thermocouples. This series of products has the advantages of good insulation and Leakage Protection. The technical indicators of the temperature field are in full compliance with the relevant technical requirements of the relevant national verification regulations and specifications. At the same time, our company also provides custom services for customers.

DTL-600 Thermocouple verification furnace Technical indicators:

Furnace inner size:40mmx600mm

temperature range:300℃~1200℃

thermal field distribution:

Stype thermocouple verification furnace: The highest temperature point deviates from the geometric center of the furnace:≤20mm, Temperature gradient≤0.4℃/10mm。

Low-cost metal thermocouple verification furnace: within 30mm of the effective working area, the temperature difference between any two points is not more than 0.5 °C, the radius is within 14mm, and the temperature difference between any two points of the same section is not more than 0.25 °C 

The specification according to《JJF1184-2007 thermocouple verification furnace temperature field test technical specification》《JJF1637-2017 cheap metal thermocouple calibration  specification》《JJG141-2013 Work precious metal thermocouple verification procedures》《JJF1262-2010 Armored Thermocouple Calibration Specifications》

      Scope of application: S, R standard thermocouple, working S, R precious metal thermocouple, inexpensive metal thermocouple verification / calibration


DTL-300 Thermocouple verification furnace Technical indicators:

Furnace inner size:40mmx300mm

Temperature range:300℃~1200℃

Temperature field index: the center of the temperature field deviates from the geometric center ≤ 10mm, the axial temperature gradient: ≤ 0.4℃ / 10min

Specification: 《JJF1184-2007 thermocouple verification furnace temperature field test technical specification》《JJG668-1997 work platinum iridium 10-platinum, platinum rhodium 13-platinum short thermocouple verification procedures》

Scope of application: verification/calibration of S, R short thermocouples, short metal optic thermocouples


The thermocouple quick-loading positioning device is a device for accurate positioning during thermocouple verification. Gently pull the tray to run the calibration furnace along the track direction to complete the rapid and accurate furnace charging process. The working position of the thermocouple beam can be accurately sent to the center of the uniform temperature field of the calibration furnace to improve the accuracy and working efficiency of the furnace positioning.

The device can also be used in combination: the thermocouple calibration furnace, the precision temperature controller, the support bracket, the special gantry, the zero-temperature thermostat placement platform, and the compensation wire connection are perfectly combined to avoid cumbersome wiring and instruments. The placement problem is an ideal accessory for thermocouple verification/calibration.

DTSL-1 The standard version temperature and Humidity Verification Chamber >><< DTZ-01S automatic verification system of noble metal thermocouple cable

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