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DTL-H High temperature thermocouple verification furnace

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Product Description

Type B (Platinum 30-Platinum 6) Thermocouples, one of the standard thermocouples promulgated by the International Electrotechnical Commission, are widely used in important fields such as metallurgy, machinery, chemicals, energy, building materials and national defense research. DTL-H type high temperature thermocouple verification furnace replaces the high temperature thermocouple verification furnace heated by the original metal material on the market. It has the advantages of long life and stable temperature field. Its technical indicators fully meet the technical requirements of the existing domestic regulations and specifications. Ideal for high-temperature B-type thermocouple verification of medium-quantity transfer.

Technical indicators

temperature range:(800~1600)℃

Furnace Inner diameter:Φ30mm×600mm

Power :  3.0KW

Maximum operating current:70A

Power demand:AC220V、50HZ

Temperature field index: the center of the temperature field deviates from the geometric center ≤ 20mm, Within ±20mm of the highest temperature of the furnace, the temperature gradient is ≤0.5°C/cm, and the temperature difference within 20mm is not more than ±1°C.

※  Custom-made tungsten-rhenium thermocouple calibration furnace


Equipped with separate dedicated control cabinet

With overcurrent protection, limiting the upper limit current, protecting the heating device, avoiding the heating overload caused by the low impedance at the instant of power on

Has a current limiting function with freewheeling protection: extended controller life

Equipped with an emergency stop button, you can manually stop the device work with one button

Automatic temperature control: automatic temperature control after starting, no manual intervention

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