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DTZ-500 wireless furnace temperature measurement system

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  Product overview

Wireless furnace temperature measurement system consists of  refractory multichannel thermodetector, heat insulated incubator, refractory thermocouple, notebook computer or ipad, PDA smartphone, and wireless remote sensing terminal. The system can record real-time temperature data in the hostile and complex heat environment. Its major working principle is heating the furnace temperature test tracker and heat treated parts simultaneously in the heat treatment furnace and recording the internal temperature of the parts itself and the temperature of the furnace. It uses wireless remote sensing technology to conduct real-time wireless transmission temperature data and displays temperature data and curves in real time through PDA smartphone, ipad or computers. In order to see the temperature change of the whole part-heated process and the temperature’s uniformity differences of the furnace. It provides scientific data basis for commissioning and acceptance of heat treatment furnace, the establishment and verification of mathematical models and the data comparison of annealing furnace process.

 technical indicator

Number of measuring point

18 channels



The sensor

K type thermocouple

Temperature range


At furnace time

Customized according to usage scenarios


8GB(large memory, data can be stored permanently)

The sampling period

Within 1s ~ 60s, it can be set by itself according to the test requirements


Rechargeable polymer lithium battery 2200mAh, can be used continuously for 50 hours;Fast charging for 15 minutes, if you turn on the wireless, you can charge for 13 hours when you charge it once.

Computer requirements

Windows 98, 2000, XP, vista, win7, etc., can be connected to the print temperature curve

Heat insulated incubator size

Customized by usage scene

Instrument description

Main chip: temperature sensitive high resolution host chip imported from USA
Insulation material: Germany imported nano insulation materials
Housing: high temperature and corrosion resistant stainless steel
Thermocouple sensor: GB 1

Software functions

Temperature sampling point location and PCB or workpiece schematic diagram

Time between any two points

Slope between any two points

Temperature at any point in time

Set the background temperature curve to compare multiple sets of curves

Any position, any range of curve zoom display

Temperature difference curve display in any time range

Four vernier lines calculate various temperature values within a specified interval

Complete furnace database (SMT)/temperature control scheme (heat treatment), equipment database

Perfect process analysis report PWI

Analog curve function, process optimization, test date and time

Output of company name, product name and remarks processing

Test report for direct printing of test reports or output electronic files

Software to clear instrument memory data mode

Time compensation

Temperature statistics


   Real-time display of data photos on site



This instrument adopts imported TF memory chip, which will not lose data in case of any accident. Meanwhile, 8G group of data will be stored, exceeding the automatic coverage. One key operation, can use manual, temperature, time start, simple and quick use, independent development of all Chinese Settings and data analysis software, operation at a glance. In addition, the upgraded instrument can be wirelessly connected through PC or ios mobile terminal to display real-time temperature curve data.


PC software curve





Mobile terminal of Ios operating system USES software interface




Temperature measurement process

According to the customer's requirements and the operating environment, use 1 furnace temperature tracker to measure the temperature, put the thermocouple into the heat insulation box, cover the heat insulation box to prevent heat leakage.Open the mobile phone, ipad, or desktop computer, real-time control furnace temperature tracker, real-time analysis of temperature data.In order to obtain the real heating temperature of the parts, the thermocouple is fixed on the partsAfter the heat treatment, remove the recorder after the heat insulation box cools

 Main application:

The painting process is digitized, different curing temperature regimes and real-time temperature profiles, heating temperatures and temperature differences are determined.

The curing temperature and temperature difference of the workpiece were tested under different temperature regimes and different production conditions.

Furnace temperature uniformity test.

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